Southern Airways completed (99.88%) of its scheduled flights this Summer— better than any other US Commuter Airline!        Connect to our interline partner, American Airlines, with thru-checked bags at our hubs in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Honolulu, Kahului, and Kona— and coming soon at Dallas/Ft Worth.

Nestled in the lush Alleghenies, explore Altoona and discover a town forged by a rich railroad history, a proud tradition of hard work and family values and some of the region’s finest family attractions, including Del Grosso’s Amusement Park and Pirate affiliate Altoona Curve baseball team.

Altoona, PA – AOO: Check in begins 45 minutes / no less than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. If a ticketed passenger arrives at a ticket counter and no agent is available, the passenger should call Carrier’s Customer Service Center at 800-329-0485 for assistance.


Airport information

310 Airport Drive, Martinsburg PA 16662