Senior Captain – Leadership Program

Southern Airways is seeking experienced pilots to join us as a Senior Captain. The Senior Captain is part of our Leadership Program and will help mentor the next generation of pilots while flying either full- or part-time for us.

Southern Airways Express has been conducting charter operations under Part 135 since 2012 and added Essential Air Service operations in 2016. Currently, most of our operations are in the Mid-Atlantic States and Mid-South. Our route structure enables most pilots to be home every day during their workweek, and have flexibility with their schedules.
Full-time Compensation:

  • $50,000 base salary
  • 65 Hour/month guarantee – average is 95 hrs/mo.
  • Productivity pay of $40 per block over 65 hour

Part-time Compensation:

  • $30,000 base salary
  • 40 Hour/month guarantee – average is 58 hr/mo.
  • Productivity pay of $40 per block over 40 hour

General Benefits:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance offered; company-paid life insurance
  • $35 flat rate per diem when on an overnight away from assigned base
  • Paid training – $400 per week after passing background check
  • Single occupancy hotel room in training
  • 12 Month Pro Rated Training Contract Required valued at $8,000
  • $500/month housing stipend if flying outside preferred market with re-assignment within 6 months to preferred market


  • ATP Certificate or Commercial Pilot Certificate with Single and Multi-Engine Land; Instrument Rating
  • 15 years experience Part 121, 10,000 hours total flight time, or 7 years military flight experience
  • First Class Medical

To apply for this job please visit